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Domestic Migration

Net migration rates can contribute to population trends. As illustrated in the dashboard, Lowcountry counties witnessed changes in net domestic migration, with Jasper County seeing higher net domestic in-migration (more people moving in than leaving) and Beaufort, Colleton, and Hampton Counties experiencing higher net domestic outmigration (more people leaving than arriving).

Data Notes
Definition Net Domestic Migration:  The difference between domestic in-migration to an area and domestic out-migration from the same area during a specified time period. Domestic in- and out-migration consist of moves where both the origin and the destination are within the United States (excluding Puerto Rico). The net domestic migration rate expresses net domestic migration during a specified time period as a proportion of an area's population at the midpoint of the time period.
Data Source U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
Last Updated May 2024