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Child Care Provider

Child care is not only a service for working parents, but also essential for children and providers. Child care helps promote the development of children and develop skill they will need in lives i.e., social, emotional, and communication skills. That means quality child care are even more essential. A dashboard provides a list of child care providers with their quality level and capacity in the four-county Lowcountry region.

Data Notes
Definition Quality Level:  How well a provider exhibits its strengths during the assessment translates into a rating from A+ thru C. ABC Quality helps providers identify service areas that can be strengthened to improve their rating and offer continuous quality improvement to the program.
  • A+ and A: Consistently and effectively promotes quality practices. Awarded the highest quality standard score
  • B+ and B: Have strategies to increase program quality. Awarded a high quality standard score..
  • C: Meets health and safety requirements. Quality standards exceed licensing requirements.
  • P: Quality score is pending. Provider meets pre-requirements and can accept child care scholarships.
  • E: Legally exempt programs serve children age 5 and up and are open less than 4 hours daily or on school holidays. If program has both an E rating and an A/B/C quality level rating, all ABC quality eligibility criteria have been met.
  • N/A: Quality rating is not available.
Data Source ABC Quality
Last Updated May 2024