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Health Care Provider

The dashboard provides the ratio of the population to primary care physicians, dentists, and mental health providers. The ratio represents the number of individuals served by one physician, one dentist, and one mental health provider in a county, if the population was equally distributed across physicians. Like many counties, the four-county region lacks sufficient providers to meet patient needs. Overall, only Beaufort County had a lower ratio of population to physicians, dentists, and mental health provider than that of the state. In the future years, physician shortage are predicted to persist. Certain health care services provided by nurse practitioner and physician assistant workforces can help alleviate shortages as demand in creases.

Data Notes
Definition Other Providers:  Primary care providers other than physicians. Other professionals can serve as sources of routine, preventive care including nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistants (PA), and clinical nurse specialists.  
Data Source County Health Ranking and Roadmaps
Last Updated May 2024