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Transportation indicators provide information to help communities and agencies better understand the links between transportation and social, economic, environmental, and other effects. The key indicators include traffic volume, traffic collision, license and registration, vehicle availability, commuting time, and public transportation.

What does this measure?

  • Traffic Volume: Average traffic volume per meter on major roadways and average traffic counts on a highway or road.
  • Traffic Collisions: The degree of traffic collisions on roadways and intersections, factors contributing to traffic collisions, and economic loss due to fatality, incapacitating injury, non-incapacitating injury, possible injury, and property damage.
  • License and Registration: The number of SC driver licenses and vehicle registrations.
  • Vehicle Availability: The vehicles available to each household and modes of travel used to get from home to work most frequently. 
  • Commuting to Work: The duration of the average one-way commute to work and Jobs counts where workers are employed.
  • Public Transportation: Annual passengers, passengers per day, and annual accidents.
Why is this important?

Transportation provides the mobility of people, goods, and services which supports a healthy and livable community. Transportation patterns reflect economic activity and also provide the public with a sense of whether transportation system performance is improving or getting worse.

Data Notes

The data and analysis that are featured on “Transportation” use first-party data, where possible in order to minimize potential variations between data points, and to offer more reliable comparison across counties. The data sources are from County Health Ranking and Roadmaps, Palmetto Breeze Transit, S.C. Department of Public Safety, S.C. Department of Transportation, and U.S. Census Bureau.

Complete definitions for terms and data sources that are used for Transportation can be found in Glossary of Terms and Data Sources pages.